Pronounced bahr bah ress koh. A D.O.C.G. regional red wine produced in the Piedmont region of Italy, specifically in the towns Barbaresco, Neive, and Treiso d’Alba.

Characteristics: Barbaresco wines are Nebbiolo grape varietal based, producing dry, rich, powerful, firm tastes with an aroma of spice, pepper, and black cherry. Although dry, Barbaresco wines exhibit a perfumed sweetness. If drunk young the wine tends to be closed with fruity aroma and a spiced, tannic finish. At maturity it opens up and the finish is smooth.

Barolo wines are Nebbiolo varietal based and are also produced in the Piedmont region of Italy; Barbaresco wines tend to be lighter than the Barolo. Barbaresco wines are thought to be more elegant and refined than Barolo wines.

Ageing: Must be aged for 2 years, one of those years in a wood. Riserva Barbaresco must be aged for 3 years, one of those years in a wood.

Serving temperature: Best when served at an approximate temperature of 65º F.

Food pairings: Game, red meat, veal, poultry, fowl, polenta, fondues, white truffle dishes, and aged cheeses.


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